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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Outside dining in my new cottage =)

Found these great pictures of a table made from an old door, and two sawhorses! I am thinking of using this idea at the cottage. One of the MANY reasons our new home is soo perfect is that it #1 has a small courtyard with a pond, outdoor fireplace, grape arbor and hot tub. In the space the previous owners had a great outside eating area as well. I cannot wait to recreate that space and I think this is the perfect way to do it!
I think it would be awesome to find some old white fold up chairs like these too! There is also a fun area under the deck that the previous owners used as a bar area with an actual bar and tables. I can so envision having summer dinner parties in that area with friends and a few strings of lights and banners hanging from the ceiling. Maybe potluck dishes lined up on the bar? Sounds fun, huh?
Or maybe a HUGE candelabra! Similar to the one above hanging above a large table! I am headed to the home inspection tomorrow! I will return with pictures to help you see my vision! 

PS. the sellers agreed to our addendum! And want to close a WEEK early!!! SQUEAL! SO, so excited!!! Just need to get past the home inspection, the septic inspection, and we are having an appraisal done, then it will be ours.  Um, guess that means I better start packing *grin*

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