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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another day of stress...

My handsome, loving hubby and me

Yesterday our realtor stopped by to have us sign an addendum raising our offer against the competing offer, we won out! Yay! But the story doesn't end there... the owners sent us a counter offer last night. Scott and I discussed and okay, argued for most of the evening. Basically it boiled down to, did we want our dream home. We finally agreed we did and went ahead and accepted their counter offer. Another night of NOT sleeping well! Ugh! Why do I put myself through this stress? Ha! So where does that put us? We are under contract BUT they put in a contingency clause that lets them out if the offer they put on their new house is not accepted. They have 5 days to work it out, so we wait...

I dropped all the paperwork off to our realtor this morning with another check =/ . We have scheduled the home inspection for next Friday, they have scheduled the well/septic system to be inspected tomorrow... our mortgage lender is out of town until tomorrow, but I did receive GREAT news today! Our down payment for the house is ready to go and we may get our financing somewhere else, so I am feeling the stress lift a little. I know I put most of this stress on myself! LOL!

Back tomorrow, hopefully with good news!

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  1. Oh my gosh!! Keep breathing! I HATE this part of buying a house that you want sooo badly!! Hang in there my friend!!


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