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Friday, November 5, 2010

Finally some news! =(

Murray Feiss F1902/6MBZ - Chateau Chandelier
This is the chandelier for my new kitchen/dining room... if I ever get this dream cottage of mine! Today we finally heard back from the realtor... the owners of our dream cottage were not able to obtain the home they wanted to purchase. Where does that leave us? Well, they need to decide if they want to continue the sale and let us buy the house and maybe rent it to them for a short (very) time period.
They once again stop the sale... they continue to look and we once again have to bid on the house when the time comes.
They have until 9:00 pm Sunday to let us know their decision.
So you may be wondering why I need a new chandelier in my cottage home? The one there now was the only thing not included with the house. So they are giving us money for the purchase of another one. I found this one here. CSN store is very popular right now. I have seen LOTS of good reviews in blogland, and free shipping=)
So tomorrow, I plan on showing you my plans for the guest bedroom!

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