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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The story continues...

1305 39th Street, Bellingham WA

Middle yard area foreground, background is chicken coop/greenhouse

To continue my story... we had placed an offer on our dream home! We thought it was going to be an easy buy, the owners already had a house they wanted to purchase. The owners had a "gentleman's agreement" to purchase a house for only $100,000.00 over whatever they sold their house for. We knew that our offer was more then the other couple had bid, so we thought "we got this"!
Unfortunately, on Wednesday the house the owners were looking at purchasing received an offer from someone else, and the owners of the house accepted it. So the owners of our dream home didn't have anywhere to live. So they didn't accept either offer and suspended their home being for sale. THUD I was crushed! Our realtor called us Thursday to say that the owners were going to search over the weekend for a new house to buy and she would keep us posted. In the mean time we decided we should look at a few more homes, just in case.
1305 39th Street, Bellingham WA

Chicken coop/green house

We looked at 4 more houses over the weekend, which was a great thing! It helped us to know for sure that our decision to purchase our dream home was the right decision. Which brings me to yesterday (the first day of this blog). Our realtor called me to let me know the owners had found a house and if we wanted to make another offer they were ready! So she came over last night so we could sign all the papers. We were so excited! I could hardly sleep... and wanted to start documenting our journey to our dream home. Once again we thought "we got this".
As you probably know, we believe that "what is meant to be will be" so it will all work out if it is meant to but... I just got off the phone with the realtor and someone else is now interested in putting in an offer on the house! Ack! 
We are meeting at her office to sign a few more papers to hopefully get us our dream house!

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