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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bedrooms and bathrooms...

 Next up is the guest bedroom... this room is getting new carpet before we even move in, and new paint. Since we are closing in the middle of the week I will paint this room, and then have new carpet installed before the weekend when the hubby helps me start moving stuff. In between coats of paint I will clean and lay down shelf liner.
 It has a walk in closet.
 The only room without a chandelier! Haha! I will be fixing that too!
 The middle bedroom has been turned into a dining room, I am probably going to use this as a sun room/library area. Maybe with a day bed for guests too. The french doors lead out to the courtyard and hot tub, but lets see the rest of the inside of the house first!
 This room does have a chandelier.
 It does not have a closet.
 This is the guest bath. It is dated, so the hubby and I have agreed we will do something about this room soon!
 I LOVE how huge it is!
 Nice big tub, I would like to have this be more spa like.
 Lots of storage space for linens, towels etc.
 Yes, it has a chandelier =)
 Next up, the master suite!
 HUGE windows again!
 Soo pretty, we do have a peekaboo view of the bay from here too.
 They have a huge TV on the wall!
 Nice large space, furniture shopping for this space for sure ;)
 What do you think of the bed? I kinda like it.
 The master bath... now this room does not photograph well, it does not look so bad in real life.
 The shower is a double with 2 shower heads which is lovely!
 It has a chandelier.

 Did you see the walkin closet attached to the bathroom in the mirror?

 One more look before we head to that closet.
 Very large walkin closet, the ironing board stays, it is built in and folds up into the wall. My mom will be soo happy! (I don't own an ironing board currently, my mom has to iron on the kitchen counter at my house, haha!)
 YES! It has a chandelier, and it is on a motion sensor so when you walk in, it turns on by itself =)
 Umm, I may need to do some clothes shopping too! LOTS of storage space in here.
Okay, next up the loft and office area up the stairs.

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