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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A walk through the yard...

 As we walk down to the front of the house we pass lots of plants. I am especially fond of the remains of the hydrangea.
 I can't even begin to tell you how many different varieties.
 Each one gorgeous though!
 Here we are below the deck... the area I mentioned in an earlier post. The vine growing are grapes. The current owners used this area for wine parties.
Way back near the bar area is the crawl space under the house that isn't really a crawl space. There is a storage area for all the yard equipment, and an area that the homeowners were planning on putting a wine cellar.
 Picture some white lights and cloth banners hanging from the ceiling, with the candelabra I mentioned earlier and the farmhouse table.

 Love the tall grasses planted in spots all over the property.
 This arbor has the white wisteria planted on it. Wouldn't it be a beautiful spot for a wedding? I would so love to rent the grounds out for weddings =)
 A little seating area
 Another glimpse at the garden, chicken coop and greenhouse.
 A peek at the lower grounds, with weeping willow trees.
 So fun to have all these little paths to walk, Koko will enjoy walking them everyday to look for critters. The neighborhood has 2 very large labs that come over daily to say Hi, not sure how Koko will handle that.

 This is the third pond on the property =)
 A glimpse back up at the house.
 The path on the lower grounds looking toward the second outdoor fire place.

Here we are at the fireplace on the lower grounds. =) Almost done with the tour! Last post up next!

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