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Monday, November 1, 2010


Exterior of our dream home.

Welcome to my new blog!
A little over a week ago we came across this beautiful house! My sweet hubby asked me about it, since I had been searching for a new house. I told him that it wasn't in our price range because I hadn't noticed it in my search (we were looking at the house across the street). We continued with our plans to see the house across the street the next day, but my hubby couldn't get this one off his mind. He asked me to look into the price. It took me a couple web sites to find it, when I did I was surprised to find that it was in our price range! BUT the pictures on the site showed a weird interior that I wasn't sure I wanted to deal with. My hubby insisted I make arrangements to see the house. So our realtor showed us the house last Saturday along with another house. Both houses were gorgeous! But this house was "WOW"! 
The "cottage" on 39th street has a few weird details that you will notice once we begin this decorating and remodeling journey, but both Scott and I knew as soon as we stepped foot through the front gate that we were both going to fall in LOVE with this house.
Living room (not painted this color any longer)

We made a list of our wants in our next house, don't get me wrong I love our house we are in now, especially the view! It is just too small! We need some room to spread out. Our list is as follows:
1. One story living. The house can have more stories, but I did not want to have to go up or down more than 3 stairs with groceries, or laundry.
2. Tons of storage, including room for both of us to park in the garage.
3. Fireplace, wood, electric, or gas didn't matter.
4. 3 bedrooms and an office or 4 bedrooms, somewhere for my crafty area near Scott's office area.
5. GAS STOVE! I really have not enjoyed cooking on electric the last few years.
6. Privacy, did not want neighbors too close.
7. Scott wanted to be able to turn around in the yard, not back out the driveway and parking for guests.
8. Master suite, Scott wanted the master bath attached to the master bedroom.
9. A garden tub or easy placement of a hot tub.
10. Open floor plan for entertaining.

Kitchen (yes that is straw on the walls, I told you funky!)

We left our realtor on Saturday with instructions that we would look into financing and get back to her. We didn't think there was any hurry to make a decision with the economy in the condition it's in.
Our realtor contacted us Monday to say that another couple had looked at the house 4 times and was getting ready to place an offer. I asked her to show us the house a second time. We made arrangements to see the house Tuesday evening, Sally our realtor called me Tuesday afternoon to say the other couple had made an offer. She told me the offer amount and asked what I wanted to do. I told her we still needed to see the house a second time, she said she would bring paperwork with her to make an offer that night. 
Scott and I were so excited and nervous to make a decision so quickly! But we looked at the house for another 45 minutes and decided this was pretty darn close to our dream house! So we placed an offer!

I'll be back tomorrow with more!
Have a great night!

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