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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Current update on the cottage =)

 Things are moving along nicely, finally! Looks like a move in date of December 3, closing date of December 1. We had a chance to meet one of the homeowners, Lynn is a wonderful woman who is soo sad to be leaving her home. She explained to us, with tears in her eyes that with 9 grandchildren the house flow just wasn't working, so they needed to find something else.
She invited me over on Sunday afternoon to take a look at what she was selling. She GAVE us this media center... no, not the TV but the cabinet! (they didn't want to have to move it).

She also gave us the matching desk =)

 I was so happy to find out the bookcases in the loft are staying!
 I had a chance to meet the wife of the man who built them. She was very proud of the work her hubby had done, I don't blame her, I love them and am so glad they are staying.

I had originally gone to buy the candelabra, and the folding chairs I mentioned in an earlier post, but she decided to keep them! haha! I did buy these chairs though! All six of them! I decided my friends needed some nice chairs to sit in when they come craft with me ;) I also bought a little bench from her. We are going to meet with her and her hubby again to walk through the yard, he will teach me about the chickens... Koko will have 10 new sisters! He will teach Scott about maintaining the hot tub too. They are sad to be leaving their hot tub. She is leaving me ALL the potted plants outside, the large pot fountain by the front door and the lion fountain and small table and chairs in the courtyard =)

So as you can see the inspection went pretty well, we did have them fix or clean a few things, and we need to do a few things but all in all it went really well. We are still waiting for the fireplace inspection, the septic inspection (which we understand went well) and a window to be fixed. The appraisal we understand went great! The appraiser said "we got a smokin' deal". I guess that means I need to start packing! haha! I really don't want to pack, can you tell?

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