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Friday, November 12, 2010

More pics...

Before we head inside the house... lets take a quick look at the outside of the garage.

And the guest cottage/studio and extra garage.

 No, she isn't a hoarder, haha! She used to own a business and sells things on ebay. I did find some treasures, I'll show you them. The stairs lead to a huge storage area with wood shelves for all my holiday decor! The stairs pop back up into the ceiling, so you don't see them. 
 She is a painter, I am looking to purchase a couple of her paintings too! There is a faux fireplace in this room also =) 

 Sorry this picture is so dark, this is the garage portion of the studio.
 Do you remember my post about the candelabra for under the deck? How perfect is that? I am looking to purchase it from her, she has 2, so I may buy them both!
 Oops, there are the stairs again!
 Look at those fold up chairs! Imagine them painted white! Yes, I am looking to buy them too!
Okay, okay let's head inside!

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