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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I think this is really going to happen! eek!

 I finally started packing! It just sort of took over! It really helped that we I had already done so much organizing and purging early this fall. 
Living room. Done. Both bathrooms. Done. Master bedroom. Done. 
All the pictures throughout the WHOLE house are down. Nothing on the walls!
Yay! This is REALLY happening =D 
The homeowners decided to keep their bedroom set, but are offering both the TV's they are both 50 inch! A LOT bigger than we are used to! Haha! We don't even have a flat screen in the 3 TV's we now own. We will look at them tonight. The only reason we are interested is because the media center now holds one of the TV's so we need one anyway, the other one is already mounted on the master bedroom wall. Which I guess is expensive? 
Last night Scott and I were asking each other questions about what our first project was going to be in the new house? What are we most looking forward too, etc? It was such a nice evening. 
I LOVE my hubby =)
Well, guess I better get busy, Koko and I have been walking to the new house and back every day! It gets us out of the house, and exercising, up a HUGE hill, twice! I clocked it, it is 2 miles round trip and takes us between 50-60 minutes. 
First up the hallway closets, then walk, then spare bedroom. The kitchen will be the last room for the day and that will take care of the entire upstairs!

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