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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Living room...

 Before we head to the living room, lets take one last look at the kitchen...
 Did you notice the HUGE chalkboard on the side of the cupboard as you walk through the kitchen door?
 Okay, here we are entering the living room. It is so light and bright in this room! The rock wall by the entryway will be leaving...
 This is a feature wall for artwork, hence my needing to purchase some! Haha!
 A good look at the fireplace. I am considering using the rock from the entryway to cover the fireplace to give it a more cottage look.
 We are not sure if the pillars are staying or not.
 The entryway.
 Because the room is so huge she has used massive pieces of furniture.
 The chandelier at the entryway. 
This is the saying over the entrance to the kitchen from the living room.

What do you think so far??? I am in LOVE! 

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