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Monday, November 29, 2010

A week from closing...

Woohoo! Closing date is coming! Looks like we will be closing on our dream home FRIDAY! squeal! We spent a couple hours with the homeowners yesterday. They are both so sad to be leaving this house. but excited for us, and for themselves, they have big plans for their new house. We wandered through the yard and I learned what was planted, and how to take care of them. She has a gardener/landscaper that is a family friend that helps her a couple times a year so I got his name and phone number he was actually there helping them pack also. Scott learned about the care of the hot tub, and the chickens, although I will be the one taking care of the chickens... six chickens... a few got eaten by critters a couple weeks ago.
She told me when they bought the house she was reading the book Under the Tuscan Sun... and her dream was to make the property resemble that as much as possible, they call the property Edens Vale. We will not actually get the keys until Sunday night... they need a couple days to move out. My first order of business is to paint the guest bedroom, and have new carpet installed, and drain the hot tub and fill with fresh water ;)
You may be wondering why I have the picture of the bed posted... she is thinking of selling the bed, dresser and night stand... I may buy them depending on the price. I am soo ready to start buying things for this house, but don't want to move things twice! I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas! The end is in sight though! Can. Not. Wait!
Today I WILL pack some boxes! haha!

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