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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things I will miss, things I won't....

There are things I am going to miss about our house we currently live in. 
*I will miss the wood fireplace. Yesterday afternoon I decided to light a fire, it will probably be the last one in this house. 
*I, of course, will miss the view from the front window, but we do have a peekaboo view in the cottage and hope to have an even better view when the house across the street sells. We are hoping the new owners are willing to limb a few of the trees. 
* I will miss our backyard and little pond, but will totally love the yard and ponds I am getting at the cottage.
The things I will not miss far out way the things I will! 

*As I was bringing the groceries up the stairs yesterday I realized in 3 weeks I will not have more than 3 steps to bring the groceries in!
*I will get to park in the garage for the first time in THREE houses with garages!
*I will have MORE than enough storage room, finally!
*I will not have to lug wood in from the woodpile to have a fire, just flip the switch to the gas fireplace, plus no wood/ash mess!
*I will not have the pine needles all over the floor that need vacuuming all fall, winter and spring, don't get me wrong I love all the green and living in the trees, but less mess will be nice =)
*I will not miss having to go downstairs with a huge pile of laundry in a basket and then remember to bring the laundry back upstairs after folding it all or ask the hubby to do it =) 
*I will not miss having to step over the bathtub to get in and out of the shower.
*I will not miss how cold the basement is, even in the summer.
*I will not miss the lack of parking for guests!
*I will not miss not having a guest bedroom (can't wait to get that room redecorated, wonder who the first guest(s) will be?)
*I will not miss ever moving again or at least 20+ years, this house will be perfect!

The cottage passed the home inspection, their were a couple minor concerns that we asked the homeowners to fix or have inspected and a couple we will do ourselves, they agreed to our terms. Next is the appraisal which I think may be happening tomorrow. As I stated in my other blog papperribbonandink we have a goal of putting the other house on the market January 15.

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