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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

 I wish I could say I have been so busy around the house since returning from being gone for 4 weeks that I haven't had the chance to blog!
 I wish I could say that the garden has been weeded...
 The overgrowth of bushes and plants had been cut and hauled off to the compost pile...
 That I had canned raspberry and blueberry jam and syrup...
 That I had been out in the craft room, creating wonderful things to show you...
 Unfortunately, I haven't done ANY of those things! (Picture above is my sad garden, I have a young buck who loves to nibble on my struggling veggie plants)
 Instead, 2 days after returning I was called about going back to work temporarily full time until October.   I said yes... and started the following Monday.
 It has been fun to be out of the house and around my friends again =)
 But boy do I have ALOT that needs to be done at home!
 I just keep telling myself it will get done, eventually!
 While I was gone last month the hubby finished putting up the beadboard in the laundry room! It is ready for me to start painting, that is one of my projects for this week. The hubby flies out for a few days, which gives me some time to finish a few things.
He also fixed the steps in the garage, hoping maybe to get this painted as well. I guess I am saying, bare with me the next couple months, while I try to juggle working full time, blogging, and a few DIY projects!
Have a lovely weekend =)

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  1. Life is a constant juggle! You have some wonderful things growing in your garden despite the Buck! Although, I can see why it is attractive to him. It is so fun to share with others our interests through blogging - looking forward to seeing your laundry room painted and your DIY projects!
    Hope you have a great day,


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