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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Enjoying a Saturday with my hubby!

 Last weekend the hubby and I took advantage of a beautiful sunny Saturday and flew to Orcas Island. It happened to be a perfect day to go, the Farmers Market was in full swing!
 We wandered through the small coastal town shops,

 did a little antiquing,
 I snapped quite a few pictures.

 We picked up a brochure from here, I would love, love love to stay here one weekend ;)
 We walked on the small beach.

 Dreamed of coming back to share dinner or even better breakfast,
 with this gorgeous view to enjoy!

 Walked the wood sidewalks, with the white picket fences and tons of flowers all around.
 Peeked into more shops,
 enjoyed gelato!

 Then flew home across the beautiful blue waters,
 looking for whales,
It was a perfect day with my hubby!

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