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Friday, December 16, 2011

Outside of the cottage decorated for Christmas 2011

 A couple weeks ago while decorating outside of the cottage, I snapped a few pictures to share. I had planned on sharing them shortly after I took the pictures but had to make an unplanned out of town trip.
So I thought I would go ahead and share them now!
Welcome to the front gate to our home. Walking through this gate last year for the first time I knew before I even entered inside the cottage that this was going to be our home. I picked up all the greens from our yard after a huge wind storm.
The outside of the Craft Cottage decorated for Christmas. The 2 trees the previous owner left in the storage attic above the craft cottage. I think that she left a total of 8 in different sizes.

 I draped cedar garlands and lights all along the front of the deck.
I know I need to paint these chairs! I haven't decided on a color yet. This fall I had thought black would be perfect, bought the paint... then thought maybe red would be better or maybe turquoise since it seems to be such a popular color right now. Ack! Just can't decide. More of the greens I picked up are in the basket hanging on the side of the house and around the lantern. Cedar garland around the door. The antique skis were given to me by my father-in-law. He found them at a yard sale several years ago and thought I would enjoy decorating with them =)

 The wicker rocking chair was left by the previous owner as well. The wisteria leaves are almost all gone now. This is the door everyone enters, it is closer to the sidewalk than the front door.

 Thanks for visiting today. I will be welcoming you to the inside of the cottage soon!

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  1. Everything looks so beautiful! I LOVE the stone gate so much!! The green door is really pretty too!


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