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Monday, February 20, 2012

 Well, I was hoping to give you a BIG reveal today.... but we had a few problems. So I guess I will just show you what I did last week. I distressed my black cabinets! I LOVE them!
I don't think my hubby would have noticed for weeks! But I was so happy with them I told on myself as soon as he got home! He said it looked pretty nice, if I had asked him first he would have talked my out of it, but he admitted he actually really liked how they turned out! YAY! Glad I just did it and didn't ask *wink*. 
Remember how I was sent to get a new light fixture and faucets last week? Well I learned after ALL these years of my husband saying he didn't care what the styles were in the house,  he cares. He wasn't a huge fan of my first choices I brought home last week. So I waited patiently until Sunday for him to go with me to take a look at other choices. (Let me just remind everyone I was trying to do just a little cleaning, organizing and brightening so I didn't plan on spending a ton of money!) We came home from Lowes with a more expensive light fixture and faucets that we both loved! I began installing the new hardware on the cabinets while the hubby installed the new light fixture... things were finally moving along! I went out to the garage to finish another coat of spray paint on the smaller mirror, came back in to see how things were progressing for the new faucets... "Houston we have a problem". Huh?! What do you mean? We have a problem? The faucets do not fit with the thickness of the sink and granite, so we boxed up the faucets and hoped we could find something that would fit so we wouldn't have to return the light fixture and hardware. (Because I want all the same finish, Antique Nickel).
Nope no luck! Tried all the hardware stores that were open, none of them would fit. Sooo, today the hubby will contact a contractor friend about options... I am not reinstalling the gold faucets! I'll keep you posted *fingers crossed*.
 While out shopping for bathroom fixtures last week, I ran into Goodwill to see what fun goodies I could find. Found these 3 tin pots for $.99.
 So I made a quick stop at my favorite nursery for some succulents to put inside them.
 The rock says "inspiration" it also came from the nursery.
 This one is my favorite one.
 Also picked up the picture $24.99, the picnic basket $5.99, the heart $4.99, the white bunny $2.99 and the wooden bunny $1.99. I am going to put some plants in the picnic basket on my table outside and am thinking of glitter painting the bunnies.
 After my shopping trip I came home and organized all the drawers in the bathroom.
 So much better...
 I didn't take any before pictures.

Hoping I get this project done soon!
Hope you had a great weekend!

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