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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yard work, rain, and the beginnings of a lighter and brighter master bath.

 Last Saturday I planned to begin cleaning the house from bottom to top. BUT, the sun came out! Which made the temperature reach about 60 degrees.
 Living in the Pacific Northwest I decided I better take advantage of the sun and decided to begin cleaning up the front courtyard.
 The wind and 12 inches of snow we had last month left a path of destruction.
 I need to pull most of these lillies up they are taking over!
 I got a pretty good start, pulling out 6 peach colored climbing rose bushes.
 I felt pretty good about what I had accomplished and was really hoping to continue on Sunday.
 But the rain came...
 Monday too.
 So Tuesday I decided to begin my cleaning and organizing project again.
 I had good intentions, really I did.
 As I started cleaning and scrubbing the master bath, I began daydreaming about what I could do to this room to brighten it up and make it more my style. (I have plans to renovate the guest bath and kitchen this year, so this room will have to wait). I decided I could paint all the trim white like the rest of the house. So I painted.
 Then I cleaned some more. Gold mirror, brass hardware, the black cabinets need a new coat of paint...
 gold faucets...
 I thought I would remove the glass pendants on this light fixture, I would run to ReStore and purchase 3 slightly used clear or white ones! Such a great idea! Inexpensive too! (Yes I could paint the room too, but I really didn't want to yet).
 I could spray paint this towel fixture... I have spray paint in several colors already that would be quick and easy!
 Hmm, maybe spray paint the hardware too!
 I removed the shades from the chandelier, they were black on the outside and gold inside that helped. Wonder if I could spray paint that too!
 I couldn't get the old gold pendants off the light fixture, they were stuck. So I asked the hubby when he got home. He was pretty happy that some of the gold would be gone so he didn't complain at all! Unfortunetly, the pendants were screwed on kinda wonky, so he had to break the light. So he sent me to get a brand new light fixture today! And told me to get new faucets too! Woohoo!
I had him take the small mirror down too so I could paint it. I had wondered why the previous owners left it behind. Guess they didn't really have a choice, I would not have been happy to have to cover this whole in the mirror up where they hung the smaller mirror on top.
Wait till you see what I did today!

Hope you are having a lovely week!

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