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Monday, February 27, 2012

 My hubby usually only has Sundays off. So I usually  try really hard not to plan anything on that day, so I can enjoy the day with him. Last Sunday however, he had to work. He had a trade show all weekend he had to participate in, which left me a whole lotta time! So Saturday I made plans with a friend to craft.  Sunday I considered riding along with him and dropping him off, then hitting IKEA and seeing a friend. But as I was finishing up some laundry Saturday evening, I had another idea in mind! I broke the news to the hubby that I would not be accompanying him the 2 hour drive on Sunday I had decided to stay home.
 Sunday morning I left the house shortly after the hubby did and headed to Lowes! I bought 180 square feet of vinyl plank flooring!
Came home and began applying it! Woohoo! All by myself!
 Yep, it was pretty easy...
 I ripped thru 4  of my 6 boxes in no time flat. Okay, it seemed like no time flat, but it was about 4 hours!
 At one point I let the dog out and it was snowing! Glad I decided to stay inside!
 45 minutes later, the sun was shining and hardly a cloud in the sky.
 Which is good, since most of my plants think spring is here.
 By the time the hubby came home, I was exhausted. My knees hurt, my fingers and wrists were sore and I was ready for a glass of wine to celebrate my almost finished new floor!
 You may have noticed all the hard cuts are what I have left to do. I have asked the hubby to remove the toilet for me, it will be easier to install the vinyl! But I plan on finishing the rest of it all myself.
I also glued the sides of the antique cabinet so it can be brought into the house. Just wish I could get the master bathroom completed! Ugh... still trying to locate some faucets. I found one that would work, but it  had plastic, and for $158.00 each (I need 2) I don't think the handles should be plastic.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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