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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Holiday House tour

 Welcome to my holiday house tour! This year I decided to enjoy the holidays... so I decorated lightly. I have been done with all the shopping, wrapping, mailing and baking for a few days now =) So WELCOME!
 I will greet you at the kitchen door, no one uses the front door! It snowed last night, just for your visit.
 I got this fun vinyl, wasn't sure where to put it and then the light bulb moment hit me when I decorated the kitchen entrance with the snow flakes, I LOVE it!
 In the kitchen I have my gingerbread tree, it also has some fun star shaped vintage tins. Kokos "stocking" awaits Santa to add more treats.
 Some dollar store wreaths, with a simple star ornament and some red ribbon added. The inside of the china cabinet is decorated with some favorite decorations.
 Large brown and white checked ribbon tied in a bow with a small bird ornament adorn the back of each dining room chair this year.
 Ordinarily I am not a huge fan of red, but this year... it just had to be. While shopping with my sister in October I found myself gravitating to Red, Brown and White for my Christmas colors, so I went with it!
 Would you like to stop for a cup of hot cocoa? The cocoa bar is all ready for you =)
 We have been lucky enough this year to have a few house guests, so I added a few Christmas touches to the guest rooms too. A simple dollar store wreath tied with burlap to the bed frame. A snowman on the nightstand.
 The guest bathroom got a few touches too. Another dollar store wreath, some red ribbon and an angel ornament made from an oyster shell.
 My grandmas carolers, a vintage look Santa ornament and a few sparkly red ornaments bring a pop of color behind the toilet.
 My gift wrapping station was just too cute to hide in the closet, so it sits in the corner, patiently waiting the hubby to wrap his last minute gifts. (Which I'm sure he hasn't even bought yet;))
 The master needed a wreath too, this one a much larger one, with a bow of the brown and white ribbon.
 I added a Christmas caroler doll my grandma made for me, and a star shaped box of blue ornaments on top of my dresser.
 The master bathroom got a large wreath,
 and a couple red ribbons tied here and there.
 We can go back to the second guest room now,
my friend Jessica and I each made 3 of these fun vinyl pictures. Each one is different.
 Just a couple more rooms to go... upstairs the media room didn't get a big tree this year, but if you look closely you will see quite a few smaller "trees".
 My friend Jessica made me this ceramic tree last year.  I LOVE it! I Love having it in the media room since we are up here every evening watching TV I get to spend a couple hours everyday enjoying it.
 A couple more of those dollar store wreaths, with brown and white checked ribbon...
 And lastly the hubbys office airplane tree.
 One last look at the living room looking over the balcony.

Come back when you can stay awhile, we can have some hot cocoa or tea... I may even break out some Christmas cookies =)


  1. The whole house looks so beautiful and festive!! I love the little bird ornament on your chair wearing the red hat w/ the ear flaps! It's so cute! Your mantel looks really pretty too!

  2. your home looks beautiful! i love the bright green door!

    1. Thank you Cassie, I love the green door too. Thanks for stopping by, Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow Laurie ~ I just love your cottage and your decorations! So many cute touches. The wreaths on the ends of the beds is adorable ~ I just may have to copy that one. Oh, and may I have a cup of cocoa to go, please?

    1. Thank you JoAnne, hot cocoa to go coming up! Thanks for visiting, Merry Christmas!

  4. Your home looks pretty for Christmas. I especially love the guest bedroom and guest bath -so pretty! The little wreaths are cute and I love that you repeated them in lots of different places.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, glad you stopped by, Merry Christmas!


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