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Monday, December 31, 2012

 Have you started taking down your Christmas decor? I am pleased to say I am DONE. I started a little earlier this year than normal, the day after Christmas.
 For me, it always seems sooo overwhelming every year!
 I like to make a huge pile... to make sure I get everything down from each room. Every year I think... I am going to put everything away ORGANIZED this year! (Hoping when it comes time to put it all up the next year it will make more sense and I won't have a HUGE mess). Every year I get overwhelmed and just stick everything in boxes and call it good. Then of course go shopping for 75% off Christmas decor and wrappings and stick those in, just in the bags, shut the door and call it good.
 We have this little storage space above our garage... well it's not exactly small, just the door is small =) The door is in the hubbys office, behind his desk.
 This is how I left it after putting all the Christmas decor up this year.
 Umm, yep! Way back there in the very back? Ya that would be the FALL decor that didn't get put away in bins either. Luckily I can just close the door and don't have to worry anyone will EVER see it.
 I labeled all the plastic bins this year with what is in the boxes rather than just "Christmas". All the linens are all together, ornaments are by colors, the village is all in the same bins, etc.
 It took an extra couple days of "stuff" everywhere, which I have a hard time with.
 It took me 3 hours separating out ornaments into separate containers by colors, in front of the TV watching HGTV...
the hubby even had to cook a meal (he's making homemade whole wheat fettuccini noodles).

 But it's all been put away...
 and... it's organized! Woohoo!
 I am a happy girl =)
 even the fall decor =)
Yes, my one little word for 2012 was BLISS wasn't it? My word for 2013? That will be my next post!
Happy New Year!

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  1. Good job girlie! I've taken down most of the Christmas, but I need to organize too. Ugh, I'm dreading it! But I know I'll be happy once it's done and it will be so much easier to get stuff out next year too.


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