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Monday, February 21, 2011

Flying to breakfast =)

The hubby decided to treat me to breakfast... in Port Townsend!
We flew over the islands, one of my favorite flights! I just love all the colors of the water, the houses, the boats, watching for whales, or shrimp reefs or anything else I may see from above!
Unfortunately, I managed to take only a few pictures then ran out of battery power. I opened the box of batteries I brought with me, and they were corroded. So no more pics =(
After we had eaten our breakfast Scott asked the waitress if they had any batteries for sale? They did! YAY! This is the inside of the little restaurant, we had biscuits and gravy.
The view from where we ate. It was a bit too cold to eat out on the deck this trip.
The ceiling has model airplanes hanging down.
It was a pretty busy morning. Not as busy as last time we came though.
They had just redone the deck and the restrooms.
I gave him a haircut Saturday morning... lookin pretty dang good huh?!
The flight was one of the bumpiest I had been on.
But I handled it all pretty well.
I even put my hands on the control yoke for a few minutes seconds!
Next time I will try a few minutes ;)
It was a gorgeous flight, we stopped at the Arlington Airport before coming back to Bellingham.
I spent most of the flight helping spot traffic, haha! Okay so what if I was spotting 737's off in the distance landing at SEATAC they were still other aircraft!

The farm land below was such a beautiful green.
This is above Chuckunut Drive looking towards Fairhaven and Bellingham.
This is Chuckunut Bay.
This is Bellingham Bay. We came in on the right side of the runway this time.
Above the boardwalk and the Chrysalis Spa, look at the color of the water? Soo pretty!
Back at the Bellingham Airport safe and sound! Thanks honey for a wonderful breakfast and flight! 

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