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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine weekend in Portland

 The hubby and I spent Valentines weekend in Portland. We drove down Friday morning (we had planned on flying the plane but the weather didn't cooperate). We checked into our room at the Marriott, then walked around city center, enjoyed a light dinner at Macaroni Grill then went back to our room to get ready to hit a club or two! We had a blast dancing until almost 1:00 am.
 Or room was on the 19th floor so we could see the whole city! It was beautiful, especially at night.
 Infact, we slept with the curtains open, so when I would wake up in the middle of the night I could see all the lights, just gorgeous!
 The building architecture is amazing!
 The building above reminded me of Florence Italy.
 Saturday the hubby brought me Starbucks at 6:00 am, but I am not complaining =) then we had a nice breakfast at the hotel before heading out on foot to find the river and the tram.
 We walked along the river until we found the tram. It was funny to be walking as tourists along the river with all the joggers, bicycles and locals.
 We took the tram up to the top and snapped a few pictures.
 Then went back down and caught the free street car back to our hotel.
We had planned on taking the street car around the whole city before getting off close to our hotel, but we started feeling sleepy so we got off on the first nearby stop. We took a little nap in our room, then headed to VooDoo donuts for an afternoon snack. I had heard that you could wait for up to an hour in line...
 Yep, this was the line after we had been standing in line 15 minutes. I was able to get the hubby to wait a half an hour then he was done.
 So I didn't get VooDoo donuts this trip, but he did make up for it by taking me to happy hour at Chris Ruth's Steak house. We shared a couple appetizer's and had a couple drinks =) Infact we enjoyed our happy hour so much that we made reservations for dinner too!
 It was raining when we were headed to dinner from the hotel so we took a taxi to dinner. Dinner was delicious! After dinner we walked to a club and danced until 11:30.
Then had a taxi take us back to the hotel, my feet were sore from walking and dancing in heels! We thought about stopping at some street vendors for some food, but didn't. Have to save something for our next trip! I was greeted with Starbucks again the next morning at, yes, 6:00 am. =)
Portland is so easy to get around, it is a beautiful city. I had so many things on my list for us to do so we will be going back for sure!

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