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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring fever

 I've got some spring fever goin' on! Koko and I have been walking everyday, the birds agree with me  I think... they've been chirpin up a storm!
 Spring needs to get here! All of the pictures in this post I took this morning in my yard after our walk.
 I really want to get working in the yard, but know that it is a bit too early, yes it did snow this morning for a few minutes. As you can see though it did not stay!
 I can't wait to see all the things that are planted, besides the obvious hydrangeas, roses, tulips, daffodils,
 iris, crocus, lavender, heather,  daisies and decorative grasses.
 I don't think that there is a lilac bush once again! So that will be one of the first things I plant! Why is it I have to plant the lilac bushes in every house I've bought? Since it is Scott's and my favorite flower, it is an absolute must!
 I'm not sure what this is, my neighbor thinks it is a lily of some kind? I've got it planted ALL over though!
 I am wondering if this perfect nest in the grapevine will get new renters this spring?
 Can not wait to see what color this climbing rose will be!
 Even the chicken coop will be springified!
 Scott was happy to see we would have rhubarb again!
 This is a whole line of Shasta daisy! I will be bringing it in the house come summer in big bouquets!
 The wisteria is beginning to have little buds too!
 This hill is covered with about 25 rhododendron, I think they are different varieties that will bloom at different times.
 I am not sure what this vine is going up the tree by the main pond by the driveway, but it is FULL of buds. I can see it out my kitchen window it is so pretty.
 Of course I couldn't wait to get some color... =) The patio looks almost ready for spring.
 I have been in a holding pattern the last few days, but think I am ready to tackle the garage...
 I am going to organize my side into a temporary craft area, while I am waiting to get to the real studio organized and painted.
 Wish me luck! I have to begin with vacuuming out the drawers and cupboards from spider webs and bugs... yuck!
One last picture of a rhododendron waiting for spring =)
Are you ready for spring too? Is it too early to decorate for spring? I am thinking of doing my mantle?

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