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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reminder: Mother nature says when it is spring, not me!

 Yesterday I had to run to the Post Office to mail some packages off, since Salvation Army and JoAnn Fabrics is on the way home  just around the corner, I stopped in. I found 3 wreaths for $3.99 each (didn't take a picture yet) that I thought would be perfect for my spring decor on 3 of the doors into my home. Then I ran over to JoAnn to buy some pretties to springify them.
 While walking up and down the aisles I came across this cute set! Perfect for a baby boy, on sale too!
 I made a list before I went so I knew what I needed to buy to get a couple crafty things done. No, I am not knitting or crocheting anything! Haha! I will show you tomorrow :)
 We woke up to snow this morning. UGH! I HATE snow. It is almost March!
 I am ready for spring! Little green bulbs are popping up all over!
 Birds are chirping and flitting about eating the seeds I put out for them.
 The squirrels are out tormenting Koko when they come to the feeder to eat the giant peanuts I leave out for them.
 My sweet hubby shouldn't have to get out of a warm bed at 4:30 am to shovel the driveway before leaving for work... when it is almost March!
 We left this kind of weather behind us in Nevada... 24* temperatures, snow on the ground and blue skies.
 I want spring, I want cute little colored flowers all over.
 Not this white stuff! Well, as my title suggests, I've learned my lesson (for now) I am not the boss of Spring! Haha!
The good thing? The drive way at the old house is icey and snow covered, so guess I can't paint over there today. Guess I will stay in the house where it is warm and have a craft day! Later this afternoon I am meeting my friend Lisa for an early dinner ( as long as she is willing to brave the roads) at one of our favorite places... Pepper Sisters, YUM! Stay warm today!

PS Maybe I will decorate for spring too! Haha!

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