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Monday, February 28, 2011

Congrats to my sweet friend Andrea!

 Every Sunday since my sweet friend Andrea left for the coast guard I have written her a letter. She can only receive letters until after graduation then we can send packages =), I have missed her SO MUCH! Well, I found out yesterday that she has passed all her exams and will graduate in 2 1/2 weeks! Yay! I am so proud of her!
 We also found out where she will be stationed... only about 4 1/2 hours away by car, or even better my hubby can fly me to see her in only 1 hour 10 minutes! So happy she will not be too far away!
 We have had snow every day the last four days! Ugh! Thank goodness I decorated for spring last week =) even my african violets are ready for spring.
 I've had these african violet plants for 3 years... they keep me full of pretty little flowers from early spring to late summer.
 I have been collecting things to take over to the old house to decorate a little while it is on the market. Keep your fingers crossed in sells quickly! Any way, I put this little grouping together to put on the kitchen counter over there... but I kinda fell in love with it on the dining room table! So it may not be going over!
 I love white flowers in galvanized pots =) purple would look good too! Oohh and pink!
 I am loving the look of grays and muted colors together like the flowers above, helps that it is a trend right now! Ha! These are going over to the old house and put in the bathroom with some pink towels =) Wait till you see the family room! I am almost done painting it! It turned out perfect! It is just how I wanted it to be when I lived there! haha! As usual things don't get done until I am either moving out or have already moved out! But not going to happen in the new cottage! Can not wait to be done with the old house projects so I can finish a few at the new! Once I finish staging I will share a few pictures.
 I added a purple candle and some white tulips in a glass vase to my little sofa table. Still need to get a few things for underneath.
 These may end up at the other house too... maybe.
 Fell in love with the wire star fish (?) tied on with the twine.
And who can resist flowers in an old or new canning jar? Not me!
While out this morning I picked up a few of my favorite magazines to spend the afternoon tomorrow reading while I am at the old house. I am having the carpets cleaned and need something to do for 2 hours in an empty house! These should do nicely! Come on SPRING!
Have a creative week!

PS Need to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JON! Hope it is one of the best! HUGS!

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  1. I love these cards! So cute!! Thanks again for coming last night. We had fun! :0)


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