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Friday, February 18, 2011

Garage/craft area part 1

 Yesterday I began cleaning out my side of the garage to convert it into a temporary craft area. I have other areas of the house I need to concentrate on before I can jump in with both feet into the studio (probably won't happen until summer) so this is the perfect solution.
 Plus, not the best situation for all my papercraft goodies to be out in the open with this thing running! Sawdust everywhere!
 I turned on my Eminem CD to full volume and began vacuuming! Yes, I know, maybe someday I will break down and buy an Ipod! haha! This works for now! Does anyone else love to clean to Eminem??? LOVE him!
 My favorite cleaning supplies =) have you used magic erasers? They are amazing! Love them! I used 4-5 of them when I was cleaning the house before we could move in! Try them on the grime around door handles...
 My buddy kept close by, with a few toys for throwing... luckily our garage is heated =)
 It amazes me that the previous owners used the garage to serve family dinners... it was so dirty and gross.
 It's shiny clean now! =)
 I put down shelf liner...
 and started putting things away! YAY!
 Ooh! HAPPY! =D This is the top drawer, very happy drawer. Didn't realize how much I missed my crafty stuff.
 Punch drawer.
 Yummy ribbon.
Oh, wrinkle ribbon how I missed you so! The hubby came home from work before I could finish, so after Koko and I go for our walk and I do some Exercise TV (abs, buttocks and arms) I will try to finish it up and snap a few pics for you! Then some crafty time for me =) I need to make some cards and I'm thinkin a banner for the fireplace mantle, can you say SPRING?!
My poor hubby has had a horrible cold and fever since Tuesday, cross your fingers I don't get it! He has a three day weekend though, Woohoo!


  1. This is a great idea with the garage! Maybe I should do that? Or just try to keep my laundry room organized :)

  2. Yes, I think it will be great for a temporary fix =)


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