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Thursday, June 14, 2012

 The grout in the bathroom is DONE!
 I am in LOVE with how it turned out!
 Just as I pictured...
 Victor did an amazing job!
 Now we are just waiting for our contractor to come back in and finish... he will be finishing out the cabinets, adding trim around the door and window, and beadboard on three walls. He should be here Friday. I was hoping to be DONE Friday, but not gonna happen =(
The plumber will come in next week to finish installing fixtures, tub, toilet etc. The shower surround will be installed Tuesday too! Then I can start adding the finishing touches =) The fun stuff!
While I was snapping pictures of the bathroom, I noticed the last rhododendron was finally beginning to bloom. Want a closer look?
I think the color may be my favorite, a pretty peachy color.
 We have soo many projects going on right now it's hard to keep track! Remember when I did a little updating in the laundry room? Well I removed some of the cabinet doors...
 The cabinet doors have just been hanging around for about a year now!
 I knew what I wanted to do with them... I took the hardware off and painted them.
 Loving this color... I think it is called Strawberry Field by Valspar. I am making the cupboards into chalkboards! I forgot to take pics of the others, I will post when I am done with them!
 I picked up four of these "drawer fronts (?)" from ReStore the last time I was there for .50 cents each. I thought they would be perfect for  a couple of signs! This one is getting painted the Strawberry Field color. I am thinking of having it say Strawberry patch... for the garden ;)
 I have primed all the trim for the contractor. It is sanded and ready for him to install.
The hubby has been busy too! He is revamping the fireplace! Wait till you see it now! What? You don't remember what it looked like before?

 Before I remind you of what the fireplace looked like before, I found these pics of the bathroom, before we moved in!

 Wow, eh?!?
Here is a pic of the fireplace, before we moved in. Ya, remember? The small hill and bushes are gone now too!

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