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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

 Can you believe we ran short 2 bullnose pieces of subway tile! Ack! I tried to order it from Lowes where I originally special ordered the bullnose tile from, but it was going to take a week and a half to receive it. ( We ran short due to the change in the bathtub, we forgot we had made that little change, oops!) So the hubby began calling around to see if we could get some locally. He found 1 place that had some... I brought it home it was snow white and ours is ice white, so there was just a little color difference. Probably not noticeable... but the hubby wasn't happy. He sent me to Lowes to buy 2- 4x4 white bullnose pieces and asked Victor, our tile guy if he could make them work. He said he could, whew!
 Saturday while the hubby was flying all day I took a little break from working in the yard to summerize the house! I bought the subway art above the fireplace on a trip to Pier One on Friday, everything else I already had.
 I love to shop the house when I decorate!
 I made the summer specimen art last week in the craft cottage.
 I was surprised when I realized it was in the right colors for my "summer decor". Love when things like that happen don't you?
 I have been collecting driftwood for sailboats, so I added it to a wicker bucket along with a few shells in the smaller bucket.
 One of these days I plan on putting some curtains on those windows! Ha!
 For now I am pretty happy with the room. I'll let you take a closer look!

Have a lovely day!

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