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Friday, June 15, 2012

 Yesterday the hubby and I dropped all the old fixtures from the bathroom renovation and all the other items we have replaced in the last year and a half at ReStore. It was quite a few boxes... all the old outdoor lights, all the doorknobs, bath fixtures from ALL three bathrooms, even an old metal stand that held wood. We couldn't just drop off and not go in! I came home with 2 old wooden strawberry baskets $1.00 for the one on the right and $3.00 for the one on the left. An old wooden frame $2.00 and three pieces of wood (for more signs) for $.75 cents each.
 We ran into a little problem yesterday with the contractor... somehow he misunderstood the beadboard we wanted to use in the bathroom. It's all good now, but boy it was a little stressful yesterday. The contractor showed up today, as planned, materials all ready to go. The hubby had a couple flying gigs so off he went...
 I divided my time between yard work (remember that rose garden I talked about?) and creating in the craft cottage. After the contractor said his goodbyes for the evening I ran to get my camera to snap some pics of the beadboard, but wanted to cry when I saw how it looked.
 I almost didn't even want to post about it. It was a huge disappointment. I felt like I had made a huge design mistake! The bathroom was so beautiful before the beadboard...
then I grabbed a starfish, placed in on the little ledge and I knew it would all be okay in the end! It will be exactly what I wanted it to look like, just like my inspiration pictures!

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