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Sunday, June 10, 2012

 This morning we had a craft get together in the craft cottage.
 A friend asked me to direct her in creating her own wedding invitations. She contacted me a few months ago asking for my help. She sent me an example of some invitations she loved on Etsy...
 I was able to make some samples in different sizes, so she could see how inexpensive we could recreate them for. She was able to purchase the paper, create the wording for the invitations, then take everything to a print shop to print on her paper and cut to size. All we had to do today was some hole punching, perforating, folding and ribbon tying!
 They turned out beautiful!
 You can't have a party without munchies,
 or beverages!
I've missed hanging out in the craft cottage... but I have a few projects in the works I will be posting soon!

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