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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The new window was installed yesterday in the guest bath. I am soo happy I decided to change that window! It feels like there isn't a window there! Infact, I had to touch it because I thought maybe there had been a problem and they hadn't been able to install the window after they removed the old one! Hehe!
 Here is the window that was there before! Amazing how much brighter the room is too!
 The basket weave is getting installed today! Infact, Victor thinks he may be done today! Eek!
 The marble counter top was installed yesterday too! (The sink is just in to make sure the hole was cut correctly, our contractor is switching out the faucets later in the week ;)). The contractor has almost a week of work after Victor gets done. He will be installing beadboard and trim... the plumber needs to install the tub, shower fixtures and sink fixtures... but it is getting closer!
 The shower floor, last of the bullnose pieces and the top row of the shower will be installed today too! And hopefully grout!!!
It won't be long now! Guess I need to find knobs and pulls for the cabinets, a mirror, toilet paper holder, towel bars, light fixture above the sink and get that chandelier cleaned! Wow! I guess I got some shopping to do!

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