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Saturday, June 16, 2012

I spent Friday afternoon crafting in the cottage! I had a couple wedding gifts to make!
One of my favorite gifts to give at a wedding is to frame the wedding invitation. I have been doing this for probably 20 years. A friend of mine framed my wedding invitation for me =)
The above wedding invitation is for one of my nieces. It was fun to create a card to match! I wish I was going to get to go to their wedding... it is on a ranch, with cowboy boots... LOVE!
This one is for a friend who is getting married in September, it was really hard to photograph with the darker paper behind it.
The little white flowers are one of my favorite decorations to use for weddings, they are a shimmery white, I add a little rhinestone in the center. Simple and elegant.
Another cute little card to match!

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