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Friday, December 17, 2010

Beginning to look like home...

 Things are finally beginning to look like home... humph! It is alot of work! Plus trying to decorate for Christmas too!
 I found a great pair of chairs and a sofa table on Craigslist and couldn't pass up the price of $200.00 total. I bought them for the hubby's den/loft.
 We have already given away our first 2 dozen eggs and are almost ready with another dozen.
 Ummm, ya the chairs and table didn't make it up to the loft. They found a home in the living room for now. Aren't they perfect?! I think so too. They were owned by an escrow company, so they are in great shape.
 LOVE those chairs! =)
 The tree is decorated now, this picture was taken Monday... I will take some new pics tomorrow and post!
I did have one casualty... one of my big pasta bowls from Italy did not survive this move =( But I think my sis has a friend still there... *fingers crossed
The hubby and I are headed to the Outback for dinner, we have to drive to Burlington about 20 minutes south... but soooo worth it! I will post again tomorrow!
Ta Ta!

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