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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First gathering at the cottage and some pics

 I held my first gathering at the new house. So nice to have lots of room to entertain and for parking =) Jessica, Lisa and Andrea came over for treats and coffee. We exchanged Christmas presents too.
 Jessica showing one of her wrapped gifts =)
 Andrea admiring the beautiful wrapping by Lisa.
 Lisa passing out her gifts.
 Pretty wrapping by Lisa.
 Jessica showing her wrapped package from Lisa.
 Lisa showing her gifts.
 Jessica received this sign from Andrea! hehe!
 The sign I received from Andrea! LOVE it!
 The frame I received from Lisa! Totally can. not. wait. to get a picture in there!
 Jessica showing her gift from Lisa. Thanks for coming over girls! It was fun and hopefully the first of many gatherings! 
 Since the camera was out I took some pics of the house decorated for Christmas and with our furniture in it.
 This fireplace is huge! My christmas tree is 6 1/2 feet tall. I am going to look for a 12 foot one at the after Christmas sales.
 See how tiny the tree looks! haha!
 I put Scott's tree on the sewing cabinet this year, his tree has all his airplane ornaments on it. 

Lastly our dining room. The hubby did try to put up the new chandelier this weekend, but the ladder wasn't tall enough. So we will try again next weekend. Have a great week!

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