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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last flight of 2010 with the hubby!

 Usually the hubby takes me up for a flight on Christmas day, this year it was yucky out. So after returning the ladder to the rental place he asked if I wanted to go today! It was a gorgeous flight!
 Off in the distance is Mt Rainier, in the forefront is Lake Whatcom.
 Ahead of us is Mt. Baker, I had not flown to the East side of Mt Baker yet so that is where we headed today!
 I zoomed in on Mt Rainier from my side of the plane.

 Flying at about 12,000 feet! Gorgeous view, we can only stay at this level for half an hour before oxygen deprivation sets in though!

 Reminds me of flying over the Swiss Alps a little =)
 This was a gorgeous pale blue color in real life where those holes are in the snow and ice.

You can barely make out the steam rising from the lava dome above...

 Koko tried her earmuffs, but didn't like them.
 Back over to the bay!

 I think this is a shrimp reef... in real life it is a pale pink color.

 Back on the ground!

What a great flight! Happy New Year!

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