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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas 2010

Our tree Christmas morning
 Sorry for the lack of posts! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! Our day was fantastic!
Koko wearing her headset with chew bone in her mouth.
 Koko received a headset for Christmas and new chew bones! She looks soo funny wearing the headset, but should make her happier when riding in the airplane.
Koko wearing a Christmas tag
 The hubby received everything on his list including a new flight jacket. We spent the morning after opening presents and eating crepes, watching one of his new DVD's he asked for. I received a new BBQ! Yes, I really did want one! I use our BBQ several times a week and the one I was using was so old it was losing the grill slats each time I used it! I did not receive the leaf blower I really wanted though! haha! Maybe Valentines day?! Scott said he couldn't bring himself to buy a leaf blower as a gift!
Koko playing with her kitty toy
 Koko also received a laughing, rolling kitty. I took some video of her playing with it, I will try to figure out how to post it.
place card for Christmas dinner
 What did you have for Christmas dinner? We had leg of lamb, the hubby's favorite. It has become a tradition to have turkey for Thanksgiving, lamb for Christmas, prime rib for New Years and seafood for Valentines Day.
Apple-blackberry pie
 Since I chose dessert for Thanksgiving I let Scott choose for Christmas,  he chose Apple-Blackberry pie. I had about 2 cups of Blackberries left in the freezer from this years harvest so it was perfect. I had never had an apple-blackberry pie before, but it was delicious! I followed my normal apple pie recipe, but substituted the two cups of blackberries for a couple sliced apples. I also substituted about 1/4 cup of brown sugar instead of the white sugar. I would definitely make this again.
leg of lamb
 The leg of lamb turned out perfect! It helps that I have been making this for several years now! haha!
Christmas dinner 2010
The table is set and dinner is ready! Yum!  
Christmas dinner 2010
I used the blinged candles my friend Jessica gave me as part of my Christmas gift. =) We didn't even get dressed all day! So we wore our Christmas jammies for dinner! 
We realized this will probably be our last Christmas with just the two of us, next year we will have a grand baby to celebrate with! YAY! 

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