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Friday, December 31, 2010

It's up! YAY!

 Yesterday the hubby got off early for New Years... he stopped and rented a 12 foot ladder to put up the chandelier! 
 Quite the project since my hubby is afraid of heights! haha! Yes, he does fly airplanes, but he explains that it is different?! Uh, o-kay? 
 The important thing is... it is up! It is gorgeous! I am so happy with it! 
 This is the chandelier without the crystals, I purchased it online at CSN stores. I had never used them before, but had read on several blogs that people were very pleased with the company, so I gave it a shot!
 It was very easy to put the chandelier together, infact I did it myself!
 Then once he got the chandelier hung,  I put each of the crystals on.
 So pretty.
 It was hard to take pictures of it lit, 
 So I took some pictures of it this morning.

The hubby also bought me one of these... a leaf blower =) better than flowers, right?!
We are off to the airport, for our last flight of the year...

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