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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What we have been doing...

 So you may be wondering what we have been doing since I have not been posting as regular, well the other house is almost empty....

Um... ya, except for this room! I know it looks like a tornado hit it! And I just cannot get myself to pack it up =( I just don't know when it will be un-packed. I have soo many other things on my list to get done before the studio gets it's update. 
I did work on packing it today though. The work space is now cleaned off, all the buttons are packed up.   
The fabric is all packed up, the Cricut, the Cuttlebug and all their accessories are all packed up.

 I have this weird fixation with light fixtures. All the light fixtures on the outside of the new house looked like the one above, ugly! Sorry if you happen to have these on your house =/ 
All of the ugly fixtures are being changed out to these beauties! Not only are these prettier (in my opinion anyway) but they are also better proportioned for the exterior of our house. See how much bigger they are?
My second weird fixation is door knobs... all of these are being changed out also...
 The front door got one of these... awww =) love it!
 The kitchen door got one too! All the other doors are getting just the plain black door knobs.
 This closet in the laundry room had no knobs, so the hubby fixed that for me. We also have 2 pocket doors, neither one of which had latches to pull them closed... he fixed them too.

 The outdoor fireplace has been cleaned out, and the hot tub got new water too!
 The garage is slowly getting fixed up, we will be painting the countertop with some new paint we discovered for painting laminate counters! The upper cabinets will be getting knobs soon when I change out the ones in the kitchen.
 We rented a small dumpster for the monstrosity mess. We loaded it up and it has already been picked up.
We have not gotten the chandelier hung up yet however... we are going to have to rent a ladder tall enough to get up there,  but first we need to figure out how to get it here! It will be a 16 foot step ladder, Scott has a friend with a van that may be willing to transport it from the hardware store and back for us. Keeping my fingers crossed he will do it and soon! I really want to see that chandelier up, I think it will be gorgeous! 
The guest bedroom has been measured for carpet, we just need to finalize the color we chose, I am hoping to start painting in there within the next week. I want it to be painted before they lay the new carpet. Then I need to find new bedroom furniture, our first house guests arrive in February!

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