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Monday, December 13, 2010

Meeting the girls!

 I decided it was time for you to meet the girls... or Koko's new sisters! This is the inside of the chicken coop. It is a mess too.
 This is the greenhouse side.
 So much to do this spring... but it's doable.
 Anyone need some chicken wire? Actually, I am going to do a project for the kitchen with some of it.
 We have been getting about 3 eggs a day.
 Koko and I walk down every morning to feed and water the chickens and let them out to wander around the bigger pen. 
 Then we wander to the lower level of yard and walk the paths back up to the house.

Here they are! Aren't they pretty girls? They are Dutch... Bantam I believe. 
I have put new shelf liner in ALL the cabinets in the house, and am slowly beginning to put things away.  
I ran out of boxes to pack things into, so now it is time to unpack. Also trying to decorate for Christmas, I will try to be back tomorrow with some new pictures and post a little more regular again.

Guess I have alot to do... so better get moving!

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