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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

 How was your New Years Eve? Ours didn't go quite as planned! Haha!
 After our beautiful flight and a few honey do's around the house, the hubby laid down to take a little nap since he had gotten up at 4:00 am. 
 Well... his nap lasted 5 hours! Haha! I tried to wake him several times beginning at 6:30 pm but he was just not responding. I went ahead and got our "finger food/fondue dinner party" ready thinking he would wake up at some point!
 We had planned on our little fondue party for two, and then some time in the hot tub with the patio heater and fireplace burning, gazing at the stars, listening to the countdown. When he didn't wake by 9:30 pm  I put everything away, at 10:30 I decided to go to bed and watch TV. Well, once I changed the channel from the history channel (sheesh, don't know why people enjoy the history channel =0) ) he woke up! So back to the kitchen I went, and warmed everything up. So we still had our fondue dinner, with a diet lime soda for him, and hot tea for me!
 New Years Day I started taking down the Christmas decorations.
 I like to put everything in piles then put the piles into the plastic totes.
 I have found when I do it this way, I don't forget anything, I tend to decorate most of the rooms in my house, so this way I go through each room and begin piling things. 
 Scott decided to sand down the counter top in the garage, and prepare it for the new paint we purchased.  
I am not sure why anyone would put white counter tops in the garage?!
 We chose a latte color, Scott said it covered really nicely. But he did caution using it in the house, it smells bad! We ended up opening a couple doors in the garage for a few hours.
 It has to cure for 3 days.
 I think the can was $13.00?
 He decided to do this little work bench too.
 We weren't too concerned with getting it on the wall, because we are going to paint and put up a back splash in there along with staining the concrete. It is heated and the previous owners used to have Thanksgiving dinner out there... they lined all the food up on the counter and put up folding tables and chairs. We may do this for a summer party or something, plus I have a work space out there now (the section with the one cupboard above it) and I like things to be pretty look nice ;)
 On the inside of the house, with my piles of Christmas all around I rearranged the furniture in preparation for our first big party in the cottage.
 My friend Andrea is going into the Coast Guard this month, so we are sending her off with a party!
 We are planning on about 30 people so I am trying to make as much room as possible! More on that to come...
We finished our New Years Day off with prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts! YUM!

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