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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beach guest bedroom beginnings and organizations dreams.

 Yesterday I finally began priming the walls in the Beach guest room. They are installing the new carpet tomorrow, YAY! 
 The hubby needs to change out all the electrical outlets and switches in the room.
 The previous owner just painted over all of them, and the covers! Who does that?!
I caulked all the nail holes in the molding and will begin the long process of painting ALL the trim in the house, beginning with this room and the living room. New carpet is being installed in the living room as well!
 The light fixture will be changed out... I am in love with this one below from CSN stores!
Stalton  Pendant in Oil Rubbed Bronze
The furniture in our master bedroom will be used in this room, so I am searching for new master bedroom furniture. 
While I am painting, my mind keeps moving forward! Haha!

I have been thinking alot about organizing... in tubs... with labels.
I have mentioned this little door before in the den/loft area. Well through that door...
 Is this! A huge storage area over the garage!
 With shelves already built in!
 On both sides!!! I am really anxious to get the studio together. The first step is to organize all my holiday stuff. They are all in HUGE totes, but they are falling apart so most of them need to be replaced. So that will be the next project.
 Since I stole the lamps from my bedroom to use in the garden guest room, I needed to find new ones. Look at these beauties! It was LOVE at first site I tell ya! Not sure if I can part with them for the beach guest room, so I may have to find some new ones when this furniture gets put in the new room.

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  1. I love the new lamps! They are so romantic! I love the storage area above the garage! I didn't get to check that out yet. Maybe when I come over :0)


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