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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pale blue, pale pink, light grey and creme...

 I have been busy this week trying to prepare the cottage for a "send off" party for my friend Andrea this Saturday. Since we moved into this house around the holidays, and I am not a fan of shopping around the holidays... I did not get a chance to start picking up a few new things for the cottage until this week. On my list, yes I make a list, it seems to help me from going wild with shopping! haha! Anyway, on my list was new towels for the main guest bath. We plan on updating it this spring, early summer, so for now just towels, candles, and a theme. While at Target, I came across the towels above! PERFECT! The picture doesn't do them justice at all. They are a pale tiffany blue, pale pink, creme and light grey.
 The tile in this bathroom is all grey, creme and PINK! (Too much pink in my opinion, but...) So the towels were going to be perfect, I wanted to try to get away from the pink if possible, and I think this works. So naturally, I went from pale blues, pinks, greys, and cremes to beach. I bought the inspiration towels for my hand towels, and picked up a few large bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes in pale blue, pink, and grey.
 The color of the picture above is wonky... I think because I was standing in the hallway when I took the picture it makes the color weird.
 This picture shows better the colors in the bathroom. I hate the GOLD everywhere too (all the door knobs were gold through out the house, now they are black =)) But I found a pair of great candle holders at Target on clearance for $3.99 a piece, so I bought them for now to help incorporate the gold in the bathroom. The candle holders can be spray painted another color when I redecorate.

You can see the towels, and the candle holders above. I then went to Ross for candles. I was hoping to find some pale blue ones, but found these perfect pale pink ones that smell like Vanilla Creme, so I had  to get them, especially at $ 1.99 each. I wanted three, but they only had two.

 I think it all works together pretty well. I went with the creme rugs so help lighten the room and bring in the creme color, and I already had two creme rugs, so I picked up the large one at Home Depot for $13.00 on clearance.

I used some of the beachy things from the old house here which was great!

 The color is bad again in the picture above, but these were used in the old house bathroom too.
 I had picked up this wreath last year on clearance and never used it, so out it came for above the toilet.
 The candle and holder were from the guest bath at the old house and the "grass" came from Dollar Tree.
I put this together in the old house and used it several places, it seemed to fit perfectly here in the window, all of the shells and driftwood came from our walks on the local beaches. I just added a few votive candles.
 This bathroom is such a great size, lots of storage too. The cabinets and walls are painted a metallic pinky silvery color, so I am just working with that for now.
I found the two little tin containers and Target and another Vanilla Creme candle at my local grocery store. The orchid came from my local grocery store as well! So what do you think? It really does work pretty nicely in real life... come on over for a visit and see for yourself!
One last thing, ALL guest bathrooms need to have a few little things that guests might forget... 

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  1. Looks so nice! You are awesome! ;0)


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