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Monday, January 10, 2011

Andrea send off party!

Our first dinner party at the cottage was a blast! I rented a couple tables, a few chairs, plates and enough silver for all to enjoy eating with real place settings!
We set up the extra tables in the entry way (no one ever uses the front door anyway LOL!) and the other in the room the old owners used as a second dining room.
I did a simple centerpiece on each table. I tried to use things I already had.
Set up a bar area in the closet space.
We had place settings for 30, only about 20 showed. Everyone fit great and flowed nicely!
We set up all the food in the kitchen. I used every inch of counter space.
Each table had bottles of sparkling water in ice, and a bottle of red wine.
This counter had the plates, salad, meat lasagna, vegie lasagna and bread.
I tried to get everything ready and serving dishes ready early in the day.
This counter would be for coffee, cheesecake and tiramisu.
I think the tiramisu turned out pretty well! Yay! I hadn't ever made one before! The cheesecake was yummy too!
Dinner time!
Plenty of room to sit and chat!
Andrea's mom and step dad =)
Andrea getting her dinner =)
Andrea's friends from high school and even kindergarten!
Plenty of room for everyone to eat and chat! PERFECT!

My friends Lisa and Jessica listening to my hubby talk! haha! Love you sooo much babe!
We had a great time with EVERYONE! Thank you Jessica and Lisa for letting me help host this wonderful dinner! Andrea, I will miss you my sweet friend, Koko will too! We will be waiting anxiously for your return!

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