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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I love a good deal!

 The day after New Years the hubby and I made yet another trip to Lowe's! Haha! It feels like we are either at Home Depot or Lowe's every other day! Anyhoo, lookie what I found! Normally $246.00! On clearance for $98.40!
 They had two of them, I thought about purchasing both, but took to long... by the time we picked up the other things on our list and went back over, the other one was gone. But that is okay, it is HUGE almost 8 feet by almost 11 feet.
 I also found this on clearance... a console table and 2 buffet lamps for $58.00!
 For now the rug is in the living room, covering a couple nasty stains. We are having the carpet replaced by Home Depot in the living room and the guest bedroom in a couple weeks.
 It looks really nice, it anchors the room I think.

 I put the console table and lamps together myself while the hubby did a few more honey do's around the house... installed a light in the guest bedroom closet. This house is 18 years old and still had wires where they had planned to put a light in the small walk in closet? All the door knobs have been changed but one (Lowe's didn't have the last one we needed). Changed out the light fixture in the small guest bath, put up molding around both doors in the garage and the window... again things not finished for 18 years? Huh? The console table went into Scott's loft/den area. I need to take some pics of that area and the media room. 
 For Christmas we received this great candle holder from Scott's mom. (She always spoils us!)
 I decided it would look great out in front of the outdoor fire place. I have been lighting it when we go use the hot tub, it looks really nice with the outdoor accent lighting we have in the courtyard. The front and back panels are interchangeable for different seasons.
 It has been so cold here in the evenings with the clear skies that we have been using our patio heater which has worked out great!
I can not wait to decorate this area come summer! I am envisioning a small outdoor sectional in front of the fireplace and a table and chairs for dining in the evenings. I will try to get a night time shot of the accent lighting around the courtyard, it's beautiful!

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  1. I can't wait to see your area this summer! It's so awesome!


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