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Friday, January 14, 2011

A few more rooms.

 I realized yesterday when I read back through my blog that I haven't posted any pictures of some of the other rooms with our furniture in them. So here are a few pics... this is the master bedroom. You can see why we are going to use this furniture in the beach guest room, too small for the space!
 I went with olive green accents in here for now to give the room some color, it is so brown, and because the master bath is painted olive green with glitter in the paint!
 I can't wait to get the new black oversized furniture in here!
 When they come to lay the new carpet for the bedroom and living room next week they will re-stretch this carpet.
 I haven't decided what theme we will use, but for now the sailboat is in here.
 I am hoping the cabinet I am buying is big enough to put the TV inside, otherwise I guess it will be mounted on the wall... UGH!
 The hubby got the backsplash up on the counters in the garage.
 He just needs to finish some painting and hang the blind in the window.
 He is really enjoying having a work space again, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for some cool projects from him in the next few months!
 My sister gave me a great idea when we were talking on the phone... she was thinking that the pictures of the garage were of my studio... when I corrected her that it was the garage not the studio it made me realize I could put a temporary craft area on my side of the garage! So this morning I have already finished (finally) clearing out the craft area at the old house! The hubby is out of town for the weekend, so we will see how much I can get done before he returns=)
 The new lights on the garage look fantastic!
 We just have one more to get... the front door! (I had to steal the one I bought for there to go on the garage)
 This is the media room... still need a few tables and a couple chairs and lamps.
 The hubby is helping me with his ideas for this room and his office/den. So the furniture shopping is slow going, NO antiques or thrift store furniture.
 I do have the treat basket stocked though... and hope to get a small fridge and microwave next trip to Walmart/Kmart/Target.
 His office/loft area is coming along too! I managed to get ALL is planes dispayed! We are looking at a chaise and a couple chairs for this room, the desk the old owners left here will go in the studio.
 I am still working on getting him to purge some things... do we really need catalogs from the 1980's and 90's???
 It is so great to see all his things out finally! Some of them have been in boxes for 16 years!
 I think the table I put together for him looks pretty good! 
There you have it... a lookie at a few more rooms in the cottage. 
Since the hubby is gone, I am going to try to finish the garden guest room, clean the other house and paint the beach guest room and the family room at the old house! Fingers crossed I finish it all! He has Monday off so we can do fun stuff!

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