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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Garden room bedroom.

 One last shot of the cottage covered in snow... it started raining yesterday morning and most of the snow is gone! Yay!
Yesterday morning I decided to hit the antique stores in search of some items for the cottage. I haven't done alot of purchasing for the new house since we had the holidays and of course the party. Now I am ready to get settled =) We were really struggling with what to do with our spare room. It is the one off the courtyard/hot tub patio. 
The previous owners used it as a second dining room. This is a really dark picture of what it was like when they lived here. I pulled the fabric off the window and removed the black shades from the chandelier to help lighten the room.
 This is the patio/courtyard out the french doors.
 I cannot wait to enjoy the outside of this new house this summer!

 We thought about using it as a dining room as well, but it is only the two of us most of the time and we enjoy eating in the kitchen/dining room. We have a deck out the kitchen door we can eat at in the summer, as well as the courtyard, and another area we are planning under the deck. 
We considered using the room as a lanai, reading room, breakfast room, sun room... the list went on. In the end I was really leaning towards a bedroom. I really want to have plenty of room for guests to enjoy. Since I had already planned on the guest bedroom being beach themed, I was leaning toward a garden theme in this room.
 I found this picture at the local antique mall for $29.00, fell in LOVE with it and decided to use it as my inspiration for the garden room.
 Next I found this quilt for $25.00!
 These pillow cases for $14.00 for the pair. I was just getting started! I knew we were going to use our queen set from our room for the guest bedroom and buy a new one for the master, so I wanted to go with a full size in the garden room. We do use the hot tub almost every night, so I wanted plenty of room to walk around this room.
 I had pictured a black iron bed in my mind and found 2 white ones, one of them without a price. I went up to the counter to ask the cashier about the price and she mentioned she had a 3rd frame but that is was black! She pulled it out and I was hooked! Price $159.00 I think it is a new frame, not vintage but that is okay with me. The picture is of the footboard, I couldn't get the headboard in my car! Haha! I will go back Friday to pick it up with the hubby's truck.
 I also picked up a few silver serving pieces and some jello molds for in my studio (buttons) when it gets unpacked.
Picked up these cute mushroom spice jars for Genna's kitchen. She is doing a mushroom theme.
 When I was at the antique mall one of the customers (I thought at the time) was asking me about the purchases I was making. I explained what I was doing and what my vision was. She actually owned the other antique store that wasn't open when I had walked past. She mentioned that she thought I would love her shop and that she was on her way to open if I wanted to stop in. I bought the cute dresser from her shop $59.00. I love that it is real wood and painted white and distressed. I may change the knobs to glass.
And then there was this vintage mohair chair, had to have it! Perfect size for reading a book and $50.00! The chair was in perfect shape too, no stains, no tears!
Next stop T J Maxx for linens. Found the sheets above. Also picked up a plain white set. $ 25.00.
Picked up these curtain rods $15.00 each. This is probably the only room in the house to have curtains.
New pillows and mattress pad. 
My last stop of the day was to purchase the mattresses, which will be delivered Friday afternoon! Still on my list, a few lamps probably three, a couple end tables and a table for next to the chair, some curtains (I may use the ones from the other house) a nice big soft rug for under your feet in the mornings. 
At this time I am not going to paint in here. I really need to paint the other guest room before the carpet gets installed. The color in here isn't too bad anyway, and when I paint I really want to put bead board on the ceiling. (Haven't told the hubby yet, sshhh!)
So what do you think? Ready for a sleep over soon???

With all the snow the outside area for the chicken coop collapsed! So the hubby and I were out standing in chicken "stchff"  and mud in freezing cold for 2 hours fixing it in the dark last night! Fun stuff let me tell ya!

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