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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow again =/

 Sunday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland.
 Okay, so it might be a little pretty...
 as long as I get to stay home. The hubby shoveled the drive way, courtyard and front deck.
 While I stayed inside and cleaned and straightened the house from the party. I had the music going and the fire place burning =)
 I made sure it was toasty warm when Scott came inside from all that shoveling and made him a nice big mug of his favorite tea.
 Once everything was cleaned and put away, we watched some TV and enjoyed being lazy!
 The clouds cleared away and we were left with icy cold temperatures and gorgeous blue skies!
 I just couldn't resist taking a few pictures, but now it can go away. haha!
 The hubby got called to work all night Sunday down in Vancouver Washington.
 So we quickly got him packed up just in time for them to pick him up an hour after being called.
 He worked all night, Koko and I had a long night at the new house alone. She was not happy he was not home in bed, so she barked at every little noise she heard.
 Luckily, they finished by 7:30 Monday morning and he was back home by 11:00 am and got to spend the rest of the day at home with me! Which was the best! It was like playing hooky =)
We are expecting more snow today, fingers crossed it doesn't happen and it gets warm and ALL melts away!

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