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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oopsies! Been a while!

 Sorry it's been a while since I posted! Don't know where the time went!
I've been in a bit of a funk since my sweet friend Andrea left for the Coast Guard. Last week we made a quick lunch trip to LaConnor.
 It was a great day to be in LaConnor... what am I saying? ANYDAY is a great day to be in LaConnor! Haha!
 Unfortunately, our favorite store was closed! The purse store, but we did walk through the kitchen store and the antique store. I am gonna miss that girl. She flew out Tuesday and won't be in contact for a couple weeks. I have been trying to keep myself busy between this house and the other.
 In other news... an update on the carpet situation. This is the old carpet in the living room.
 This is the old carpet in the "Beach" guest bedroom. You can see why this carpet needed to be changed, YUK!
 The hubby and I moved all the furniture from the living room the night before.

 This is the new carpet!!! YAY! I LOVE it! It is sooo soft on my bare feet.
I love the color, we went with the same color in both rooms.
 I got the room primed and the base boards painted before they installed the carpet.
 Then the hubby and I put all the furniture back that evening.
 I love the softness soo much I am thinking of having it installed in the master bedroom too! 
 I have been painting the Beach guest room to get it ready for my bestie, Kari. She will be here Saturday! YAY! Can not wait! Coffee, conversation, drinks, spa treatments and hopefully a little shopping =)
Picked up this light fixture for the room. I am painting the room a pale blue called New Day. I love it. For now the antique furniture will go in there. The hubby and I found a beautiful bedroom set, but it was too big for the room!!! I know, who would have thought with the huge room we have that a bed would be too big?!? But we measured and tried to make it work, and it won't so our hunt continues. 
I have been exercising everyday for an hour, so because the sun is peeking out today Koko and I are going for a walk! 
Have a sunny day!

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  1. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!! Count me in on your walks, I don't have anyone to walk with here, and I need some exercise too.


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