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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cottage laundry room

You may remember our ugly laundry room. Not sure why it was painted orange but it needs to go! I have had nothing but the cottage on my mind the last few days since finishing the touch ups on the other house. Yes, I know I need more storage in this room, just a little pile of stuff in the corner there! Ha!
Anyway, I have decided it is time to begin one of the many projects on the cottage. The laundry room is a pretty small project for the most part.
The walls will be primed, then beadboard added along with beadboard on the ceiling with crown molding. On this wall we need more hanging storage of some kind, maybe like this.
I am hoping to build a bench with shoe storage underneath for this area here, similar to this.
Sorry for the fuzzy picture, you get the idea though! I am looking at some kind of repurposed storage for here, when I was at the antique store I found a vintage baby dresser I thought would be perfect in this spot to store linens. I am thinking a pale grey/green that has been distressed. Something similar to this.
The cabinets are going to be painted and knobs added similar to this
The light will be changed, although probably not to a chandelier since there is one in the entry area from the garage.
So, what do you think? I think I will begin priming tomorrow =)

Oh, and the floor! I am thinking this will be perfect!

I also have been thinking about my garden this year, I have purchased seeds, and soil and still collecting TP rolls, just waiting a couple more weeks before I start the seeds inside. I am working on a cute little Garden note book to keep track of all my gardening info, I will share it tomorrow.
Have a great day!

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